viernes, septiembre 15, 2006


Along the path of brutal dreams...
She walks alone with her broken wings.
She cannot fly, she looks so sad.
She knows she can’t, she cannot cry.

She broke her wings while trying to fly,
And now she walks with wings in hand.

She knows the reason why her wings have broke.
She flew so high but got scared above.
And then she fell down on the hard gray rocks.

She hit her head and black blood came out.
She realized this was her heart’s blood.

She had become numb, numb of all feelings.
Her heart turned into stone.
Gray stone with black blood inside.

That is why,
She cannot cry.
That is why,
She feels nothing inside.

She likes her freedom.
That’s why she flies
High above, above the clouds.
Away from everything real...

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