martes, septiembre 19, 2006

Tears in Silence

You´ll die
you´ll leave my body behind.
You´ll die,
you´ll leave my soul and won´t cry.
Go away
don´t come back again
leave this pain
behind myself.
You´ll die tonight,
you´ll leave me here to cry.
But you´ll still feel me inside.
I will wonder through your mind.
Let´s be gone,
gone forever more.
Let´s shed our tears
together again.
Don´t go away,
please come back to me again.
Why all this pain,
every time someone walks in shame.
You know you won´t survive this.
You´ve shed your tears calling me before.
You think I´ll leave easily.
But you know you´ll call for me once more.

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